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Shootfill, in compliance with the protection of personal data, operates and provides services in the areas of communication and audiovisual production, promoting services of this type to society. It focuses its intervention on the axes of its mission, that is, on audiovisual and cinematographic production, contributing to audiovisual production in Portugal.

Shootfill intends to share audiovisual production services.

As part of its activity, Shootfill processes personal data of members of the work team, including participants in audiovisual projects and other interested parties. We do so with full respect for the privacy and personal data rights of those involved, to maintain relationships of total mutual trust.

Our copyright and usage policy

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General conditions

The materials presented on this website, including, but not limited to, photographs, sounds, videos, images, text and all other elements, are the property of Shootfill and are protected by copyright and/or other intellectual property laws.

Use of materials

The use, copying, transmission, distribution, alteration or commercial exploitation of content without permission from Shootfill or the Fill Group is strictly prohibited. We make exceptions for legal, personal, non-commercial use, as long as credit is given to Shootfill and Fill Group.

For more information, licensing or collaborations

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Please be aware that some social media icons on the site were generated using the Canva program. The Shootfill is responsible for the content used, and if any error or non-compliance is detected, please contact us to review the situation. Reporting irregular, illegal or illicit facts or situations represents an ethical, professional and citizenship duty, contributing to Shootfill becoming better, efficient and faithful.

Legal actions

We inform you that in case of any unauthorized use of materials on the website, measures will be taken as appropriate.

Shootfill - retains the right to update these terms at any time without prior notice.